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Presented by UCC. 11th April, 1pm. Beckett Theatre. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Oh but you did, Bill Clinton. You and she did some very bad things. Yet you were excused and she was abused. In this play, your title may still be ‘President of The United States’ But ‘that woman’ […]


Disco Pigs

Presented by Queens. 10th April, 7pm. Players Theatre. Born seconds apart in 1979, teens Pig and Runt have been neighbours in since birth. Inseparable growing up, they’ve developed a language of their own that has alienated them from their parents and peers. The delinquent duo spend their days mythologizing their shared history, watching TV shows […]


Poison Pen

Presented by Queens. 9th April, 7pm. Beckett Theatre. Set in the boom years of 1920s New York, an aspiring writer and hopeless romantic moves to the city in search of true love. He moves into a modest apartment which is positioned across the road from the apartment of a young beautiful woman and he spends […]



Presented by Queens. 8th April, 7pm. Lir 1. London, 1865 – The sky is dark, the air is cold and the smell of smoke lingers in the walls of the city. Somewhere, amongst all of this, a young girl sits with a psychiatrist, reciting her memories of her time within an asylum. As she remembers, […]


All My Sons

Presented by UCC. 14th April, 1pm. Lir 1. All My Sons is a play about family, regret and man’s place in the world. Set in Middle America in 1948, the play focusses on the Kellers, a family ravaged by the war. They had two sons, now they have just one. The family business was very […]


Stars, Clocks and Lost Things (NOW AT 5PM)

Presented by UCC. 12th April, 5pm. Beckett Theatre. Stars, Clocks and Lost Things is a play which revolves around revolving things; clocks, blame, power, revenge, and time – when you can bend it. Four characters all become intertwined and inextricable when they encounter a certain tool that could help them get what they desire. An […]


The Shadow of a Gunman

Presented by DIT. 11th April, 7pm. Lir 2. Set in 1920’s Dublin, The Shadow of a Gunman tells the story of Donal Davoren, a poet who lives with Seamas Shields in a poor tenement slum. Many of the residents of the tenement mistake Donal for an IRA volunteer. Donal does not refute this notoriety, especially […]

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The Seafarer

Presented by NUIG. 9th April, 1pm. Lir 2. Christmas Eve, North Dublin, five men have gathered for an evening of cards. However, a stranger from Sharky’s past will push him far past the limits of a cash game and redefine the term ‘high stakes poker’…


Presented by Mater Dei. Monday April 13th, 4pm. Players Theatre.   Five devotees wake up in a remote barn following their cult’s mass ascension. Disorientated and confused, they can’t understand why they are still down here and not “up there”. Now these five followers without a leader, five sheep without a shepherd, five dimwits without […]


God Of Carnage

Presented by TCD. 11th April, 4pm. Lir 1. God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza is a play about adults talking about their children and acting like them too. After a playground altercation between their sons, two painfully middle-class couples meet to discuss the situation. What ensues is an awkward encounter that spirals into a battle […]